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Pricing…..something for everyone!

We have a million and one items to choose from and are always adding new inspiring shapes & materials.  With that in mind it would be very difficult for us to list all our items.  So here is the base, average, & top price for each Medium that we offer.


Pottery starts at $5 for little items and goes to about $80 for larger items.  The average price per piece is $15-$30.  Pottery prices include studio time, the item, use of glazes and materials, and firing. It takes 8 days from the day you paint your pottery for it to be fired and ready for pick up.


Glass Fusing

Pricing starts at $5.99 to make a pendant with wire loop and goes up to $100 to make a fully assembled lamp.  The average price point is $20 to $50.  Pricing includes studio time, a clear base piece, colored glass to decorate with, and one firing. Specialty glass and additional firings are an extra fee. Fused items will be ready for pick up 2 weeks after being made.



Mosaics cost between $15 and $80, averaging $20 to $40 per piece.  Pricing includes studio time, the wooden shape, tiles and glue to decorate, and grout if you grout yourself.  You can take the piece home same day with a kit and instructions to grout at home.  It costs an addition 20% of the items’ price for us to grout and the item will be ready in one week.  You can bring in your own flat wooden base and use our glue, tiles, and grout for 25 cents per square inch.


Custom Work

We have talented artists that can help you make a masterpiece for a special occasion.  You’ll buy your piece and we will charge $30 per hour to work on it for you.


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